5 follow the directions given for the problem you

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Unformatted text preview: ow legible and logical (relevant) justification which supports your final answer. 2. Use complete and correct mathematical notation. 3. Include proper units, if necessary. 4. Give exact numerical values whenever possible. 5. Follow the directions given for the problem. You have 90 minutes to complete the entire test. On my honor, I have neither given nor received inappropriate or unauthorized information at any time before or during this test. Student’s Signature: ________________________________________________ Do not write below this line. Free Response Problem Possible Points Points Earned 1 7 2 7 3 7 4 7 5 15 6 7. (Scantron) Total Free Response Multiple Choice 11 1 55 45 Test Total 100 MthSc 108 Test 1-Version A Fall 2012 Multiple Choice: There are 15 multiple choice questions. They all have the same poi...
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