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Ian Tierson 8/27/2008 Dr. Phelan Assignment 8 Method 1: “shoot the dog” Destroy all sweets in your house, and cease to buy any more. Method 2: Punishment Feel guilty every time you indulge in sweets. Method 3: Negative Reinforcement Have someone reprimand you every time you eat sweets. A good method for this would be a candy dish that oinks at you when you take a piece. Method 4: Extinction Ignore you propensity for sweets, you tastes will change with age.
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Unformatted text preview: Method 5: Train an incompatible behavior When you feel like eating sweets train yourself to eat veggies. Method 6: Put the behavior on cue Train yourself to want sweets on a cue that does not arrive. Method 7: Shape the absence of the behavior Reward yourself for any times where you are not eating nor desire sweets. Method 8: Make sweeter meals so your daily desire for swwets will be sated during healthy consumption....
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