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Ian Tierson 5/12/2009 Dr. Phelan The behavior I wish to modify is my tendency to do unnecessary things in a compulsive manner. For example, when I go to the cafeteria, I always grab a fork a knife and a spoon. This happens even if I already have all of my food and need only the fork or no silverware at all. In addition, I have a strong desire to keep things near me in an organized stack, even though I am a disorganized person by nature. The other day I had a book and a folder in my hand and spent an hour and a half keeping the corners perfectly lined up and constantly re-aligning them, when I should have been reading the book
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Unformatted text preview: instead. Another similar behavior is my frequent desire to do menial processes four times. For example, if I am just fiddling around with darts and not actually playing, I have to stop on a number of darts thrown, as well as a number of rounds of throwing, which is a multiple of four. Many of these behaviors I exhibit result in a waste of time, energy, or both. It is my goal to reduce these occurrences on a daily basis, to the point that they will be nearly eliminated in the long run....
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