Deviance - Ian Tierson Sociology 101 Dr Linsley Deviance...

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Ian Tierson 5/12/2009 Sociology 101 Dr. Linsley Deviance Through the development of society, and the absorption of other cultures into our own, we have manipulated the acceptable behaviors of our society. An example of one such behavior is the act of belching. In ancient societies, such as Rome and Greece, belching was considered a great compliment to the chef. Now it is seen as a barbaric and uncivilized action, taken only by the most unscrupulous of people. An act that was considered extremely polite in the societies that originated organized culture has now become an unspeakable act that is punishable by alienation from whatever dinner table you may be sitting at. Eructation, commonly known as burping or more politely as belching, is a natural and normal function of the human body. It commonly occurs after meals, especially large meals. It happens because air is swallowed while eating. In addition, a large amount of air is swallowed into the stomach between meals. As one eats, the food displaces this air. In our Western Society, belching is considered impolite, although not quite as much as flatulence. People will often
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Deviance - Ian Tierson Sociology 101 Dr Linsley Deviance...

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