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Ian Tierson Writer Memo Argument essay By now, I have begun to notice a pattern in my writing process. It comes straight from the heart and strikes at ethos and pathos, which are ethics and emotions. For this particular assignment, I found no necessary sources of information, except those that are already implanted in my readers’ heads. This meant that I neglected the part of the assignment where I needed to use documented sources to back up my arguments. This was a poor choice in retrospect, as the idea of the assignment was to complete the
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Unformatted text preview: assignment, not to make a convincing argument. I did, however, succeed in that aspect. I think that my essay would prove a powerful tool if used as a speech rather than an essay. This is not to say I want to get up in front of the class and read my essay aloud, but rather to say that I would use it as a founding argument in a debate. As far as the rest of the process for this paper went, I actually did not struggle with last minute deadlines or anything on this paper. I had all completed in a timely manner....
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