Lutheran studied theology and classics studied at

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Unformatted text preview: e Stefan George (1868­1933) Aesthete and Symbolist Poetry stresses aristocracy and self­sacrifice Cultural and social renewal through a strong leader Friedrich Nietzsche (1844­1900) Friedrich Nietzsche (1844­1900) Born in Saxony, the son of a Born Lutheran pastor. Lutheran Studied theology and classics Studied at Bonn and Leipzig. at 1869: Appointed Chair in 1869: Classical Philology at the University of Basle aged only 24. 24. 1879: Resigned due to illhealth and became an health ‘independent philosopher’. ‘independent 1889: Suffered a mental 1889: breakdown in Turin and was mentally ill for the rest of his life. Youth Youth Many of the generation born Many after 1870 felt alienated by the social and economic upheavals of the industrial age. age. Desire to rebel against the Desire values of values and lifestyles of their parents. of 1895: Wandervögel movement 1895: Wanderv founded. founded. Bohemian experiments in Bohemian living and back to the land movement. movement. Education Education Education a political battleground. Volksschul...
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