Homosexual homosexual scandals the leibenberg scandal

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Unformatted text preview: afftEbing, Magnus Hirschfeld. The world’s first homosexual magazine, Der Eigene, published in The Der Berlin between 1896 and 1932. Berlin Although homosexuality remained illegal, in 1914 the Berlin police Although permitted 40 homosexual brothels and between 1,000 and 2,000 homosexual prostitutes to operate. homosexual Homosexual scandals The Leibenberg Scandal Cultural Change Cultural Change Thomas Mann (1875-1955), Buddenbrocks (1901). Thomas Buddenbrocks Heinrich Mann (1871-1950), Professor Unrat (1905), Der Untertan Heinrich Professor Der (1918). (1918). Freie Volksbühne (free people’s theatre) – established 1889 and staged plays with a social message such as Gerhard Hauptmann’s Die Weber. Die Scientific Discoveries X-rays (1895) Radioactivity (1896) The electron (1897) Quantum theory (1900) Special theory of relativity (1905) Munich Secession (1892). Berlin Secession (1898). Artistic Movements Artistic Movements Expressionism Blau Reiter (1911-1914) Die Brücke (1905-1913) Deutscher Werkbund (1907-1934) – a national association of artists, designers and architects founded in Munich. Inspired by the English Arts and Crafts Movement, the Werkbund wanted to apply individual Werkbund expression...
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