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Unformatted text preview: l over a political system in which the imperial court successfully established a primacy over other sources of power. sources However, Wilhelm II more of a However, playboy than an omnipotent autocrat – he lacked the selfautocrat discipline necessary for effective discipline government and administration. government ‘Structuralist’ Historians An attempt to explain developments through a detailed An examination of social, political and economic factors. examination Argue that after Bismarck there was a power vacuum Argue that created “a permanent crisis of the state behind its façade of high-handed leadership.” façade This power vacuum allowed traditional Prussian elites – This the Junkers, the officer corps, the judiciary and senior bureaucrats – to dominate the nation’s affairs. bureaucrats Faced by the social and economic changes wrought by Faced industrialization, these elites banded together to preserve their power and influence. preserve ‘Structuralist’ Histo...
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