Subjects expansion of higher education 28000 students

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Unformatted text preview: e provided primary education for a literate, mobile, industrial society. Realgymnasian and Oberrealschulen begin to replace Oberrealschulen the old Gymnasian. Gymnasian New emphasis on the natural sciences and technical New subjects instead of Latin and Greek. subjects Expansion of Higher Education 28,000 students in 1890; over 60,000 in 1914. Technische Hochschulen (‘Technical Colleges’) focus on vocational subjects such as engineering. vocational The ‘New Woman’? The ‘New Woman’? Traditionally women seen as Traditionally fundamentally unsuited to public life and politics, being naturally predisposed towards a domestic and caring role. caring 1865: The Allgemeiner Deutsche 1865: Frauenverein (General Association of Frauenverein German Women) founded. German 1894: The ADF replaced by the Bund 1894: Deutscher Frauenverbände Deutscher (Federation of German Women’s Associations). Associations). Increasing demand from the middle Increasing classes for more educational and employment opportunities for single...
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