Their social imperialism an attempt to buttress the

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Unformatted text preview: rians Sammlungspolitik (‘policy of concentration’) = the banding together of social elites to protect their position from ‘threats’ from below. their ‘Social Imperialism’ = “an attempt to buttress the Social position of the elites at the top of Germany’s class system by diverting the masses away from social and political reform and towards a populist acceptance of the Kaiser and the Kaiserreich.” Kaiserreich.” (Geoff Layton) This done by using foreign policy and colonialism to whip up patriotic feeling. and Self portrait (1871) by Franz von Lenbach Self portrait (1885) by Anton von Werner Otto von Bismarck (1879) by Franz von Lenbach Bismarck (1890) by Franz von Lenbach The Congress of Berlin (1881) by Anton von Werner German Headquarters at Versailles (1900) by Anton von Werner Paul Wallot’s Reichstag Building (1884­94) Berlin Cathedral (1894­1904), designed by Julius Raschdorff Cultural Pessimism Cultural Pessimism Richard Wagner (1813­83) Gesamtkunstwerk (‘total work of art’) Anti­Industrialism Anti­Semitism Teutonic myth Paul Anton de Langarde (1827­91) Critical of liberalism & materialism Anti­Semitism Volk cultur...
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