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Unformatted text preview: Nuclear meltdown in 3 mile island Environmental pollution Water contamination – thermal damage to ecosystems If a country has a nuclear power plant, they have the technology to make nuclear weapons. Enrich uranium. US foreign aid Most of US foreign aid from US federal budget goes to military assistance in foreign that are considered Egypt, Pakistan Only a quarter of it goes to foreign agriculture, healthcare It is a strategic investment to help strengthen US allies. Ad bellum vs. In Bello Ad bellum – reasons for going TO war Self defense In Bello – during war More conduct based What conduct is normalized, what are you allowed/not allowed to do as a soldier. Genevia Convention – Not allowed to torture POW’s is an In Bello concept Goldstein & Pinker Article says chances WW3 will breakout are low War is disappearing Chances of being a causality of war is lower then ever before in history Even w/ less war related deaths, percentages go down but this is because population is going up. Not the number of people being killed by war There hasn’t been a...
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