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Unformatted text preview: traditional war, but people are still stockpiling nuclear weapons – potential risk for mass human death is there Maternal Mortality 287,000 women died in 2010 due maternal mortality Little bit less then it was in 1990’s Medical practices spread, more worldwide healthcare Levels of Global Inequality Have some sense of how huge it is The wealthiest 1% of the world takes in 40% of all the worlds annual income. The bottom 50% only takes in about 1.1% of annual income. Will be some definitions – militarism, terrorism, global care drain, World Health Organization – part of UN, monitors infectious diseases, created after WWII GINI Coefficient – measure of national inequality How much inequality is there within a country(national) US has a GINI at about .45 Same as China, Mexico, Relatively high compared to European Measure of the gap between the rich and the poor Branko Milanovic – don’t really need to know who he is Geography vs class factors Most of your lifes chances today are depending where your born. Where you born World Bank Economist Milanovic determined that 60% of your income is determined by? A: Birth Location Erik Wright Whats so bad about Capitalism All the inefficiencies and inequalities Militarism and environmental destruction KNOW why wright doesnt like capitalism 1) interfers with people life where they can flourish, produces inequality 2) If there weren’t constraints on capitalism, it would be really bad at producing...
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