Disintegratedhousingbubbleburst socialfunctionsofwar

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Unformatted text preview: public goods Hochschild – Coined the term Global Care Drain Emotional labor nannies are expected to preform Show care and compassion for these western children as if they are their own Migration of 3rd world women Douglas Massey Undocumented immigration Rate is 0 Time for immigrant reformation John Urry Sociology of climate change We have to stop separating nature from society We need to see how nature and society are entangled Looking at our energy base in resources like oil Tim Jackson Video Causes of 2008­2008 Financial Crash Immediate causes Bad loans – Mainly for houses People defaulted on their house loans, and all financial derivatives on those loans disintegrated, Housing bubble burst. Social Functions of War War reduces conflict within a society Raises solidarity Blame it on an enemy, instead of internal div...
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