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the grace awakening - Block 1 Brittney Block...

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Block 1 Brittney Block [email protected] Charles Swindoll is an Evangelical Christian who is striving to inform America of his new revolution, The Grace Awakening. His book focuses on how grace is something that Christians need to understand the meaning of. The reader is bound to get an insight into the true meaning of what grace is and they will find this through the many Bible passages that Swindoll uses. The convergence of all these factors will truly make the reader reassess and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. Swindoll’s book, The Grace Awakening is a collection of his thoughts and Bible passages on how our world is being corrupted by “grace killers.” 1 A grace killer is defined as someone who inhibits another’s ability to “enjoy the freedom that is rightfully theirs to claim.” 2 He explicates how these people are everywhere, corrupting us all by their lack of grace. Swindoll believes that legalists are the ones to blame. They put fear into our nation which will “succumb us to their agenda.” 3 1 Charles Swindoll “The Grace Awakening” (Word Publishing, Dallas) p. xiv 2 Ibid. p.xiv 3 Ibid. p. 76
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Block 2 The author proposes a way to rid the world of these killers. He suggests that we need to have “The Grace Awakening” and start fighting for our liberty. “The Grace Awakening” is simply accepting the gift of grace and becoming completely free in Christ. The way Christians become free is by fighting for our freedom; overtake the grace killers and start
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the grace awakening - Block 1 Brittney Block...

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