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When I was much younger, my family and I lived in Lansing, Kansas. At a point over the summer, my sister and I were talking about the layout of our backyard when we lived in Lansing. We were each telling each other where in the backyard we thought we remembered certain objects being located. Since we lived there quite a few years ago, it took some thinking to remember where certain things were. We both agreed on many things, which told us that our long-term memory was pretty accurate. For example, we knew where the steps to the porch leaded out onto the back yard, where playground was, and the patio. Where we began to have some disagreement was where the sandbox and
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Unformatted text preview: the grill were located. I believed that the sandbox was just on the edge of the patio, while my sister believed that it was on the other side of the porch. She also thought that the grill was along the side of the fence near the gate. I, however, thought that it was up against the side of the house near the stairs to the porch. Luckily, our childhood was well documented with photos. So, we found some pictures of the backyard, and as it turns out, I was right in both instances. What my sister was experiencing was constructive memory because she allowed her head to formulate the knowledge of where the items were, even though they werent there....
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