Lab-4-Pics (Filled in)

Minimus piriformis superior gemellus piriformis

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Unformatted text preview: formis Superior Gemellus Piriformis Obturator Internus Superior Gemellus Inferior Gemellus Obturator Internus Quadratus Femoris Quadratus Femoris Inferior Gemellus Gluteus maximus o: ilium/sacrum/ coccyx i: gluteal tuberosity of femur a: extends the hip Lateral Thigh and Leg Medial Thigh Tensor Fasciae Latae Gluteus Maximus Pectineus Gracilis iliotibial Tract/Band Adductor Magnus Gracilis o: inferior ramus and body of pubis/ ischial ramus i: medial condyle of tibia a: adducts the hip Adductor Longus Adductor Magnus o: ischial and pubic rami/ischial tuberosity i: linea aspera/ adductor of femur a: adducts the hip Rectis Femoris: o: AIIS, Acetabular Labrum i: patella, tibial tuberosity a: extends the knee, flexes the hip Superficial Anterior Thigh Deep Anterior Thigh Rectis Femoris Sartorius Vastus Lateralis Vastus Intermedius o: anterior shaft of femor Vastus Medialis Vastus Intermedius Vastus Medialis o: linea aspera/medial supracondylar line/ intertrochanteric line Vast...
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