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Psychology Exam 2 Essay Questions

Psychology Exam 2 Essay Questions - presented with food(an...

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Psychology Exam 2 Essay Questions Classical conditioning is when an environmental stimulus initiates a response. Conditioned responses are acquired behaviors that we have when a given event takes place. A conditioned stimulus is the factor that causes the CR. Unconditioned Responses are innate responses which require no learning. The stimulus that produces the UCR is called the Unconditioned Stimulus. If one removes the UCS eventually the CR will not occur even when the CS is present via extinction. However, if days later the CS is present again the CR could come back by spontaneous recovery. In the late 19 th Century Pavlov was studying the digestive systems of dogs. He noticed how they salivated (an unconditioned response) much like humans when
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Unformatted text preview: presented with food (an unconditioned stimulus). So he began ringing a bell before he fed them. The acquisition of its association with food began, resulting in the dogs to beginning to salivate which is a conditioned response to the conditioned stimulus, the bell. If Pavlov were to continue ringing the bell without the UCS being there eventually the conditioned response would become extinct. However, if days later the dogs once more heard the bell they would have a spontaneous recovery of the CR, but if again there was no food the CR would quickly be extinguished without the renewed pairing of the CS and UCS...
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