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Patrick Sullivan Reading Assignment #13 1. Anglo America would be considered as advanced in health and diet because it has over 2 physicians per 1000 people and it spends over 10 percent of its GDP on healthcare. Also their diet would be considered advanced because it ingests over 150% of daily needed calories, where as Sub-Saharan Africa is below 100% of needed calories per day and East Asia is just above 100%. East Asia can be considered moderately advanced in the diet category. Sub-Saharan Africa would be considered deficient in healthcare because there are less that .1 physicians per 1000 persons. With East Asia there are almost 1 physician per 500 people or 2 for 1000. So East Asia in that category is lacking. 2. The book includes a box about Walmart and China to show how they are interrelated
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Unformatted text preview: they are in terms of globalization and the outsourcing of work and the supply of commerce around the world. Walmart employs millions from all over the world and relies on millions of different people to keep their business working so development is stimulated. A disadvantage of the world wide company is that it is not benefiting the country where it started in other than its prices. The workers in the retail stores are not being paid at a high rate and do not receive good benefits whereas Chinese manufacturers are making millions by supplying a cheaper product and selling it for more so its distributing the wealth much more over the world....
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