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Patrick Sullivan Dan Chelotti English 112 5/12/07 Critical Review Caution: Kids At Play With The Fate Of The World Throughout Dr. Strangelove, while in the war room, Bucky Turgidson is constantly crying out to the rest of the senior military leaders and decision makers to “Look at the big board!” Immediately this struck me as odd because of the vocabulary Turgidson uses. Anyone in his position as a general would probably not refer to the big screen displaying all of the planes and their positions relative to U.S.S.R in that manner. If there were a specific name for the board such as Global Air Positioning System or something fancy like that, which I’m sure there was, he would have used its full name instead of just saying “the big board.” By using these words it makes Turgidson seem young and naive. I wouldn’t go as far as saying stupid but rather unknowing. He is portrayed as a little boy when he jumps around in excitement rather than controlling his emotions. By portraying Turgidson as a little boy, one can make the connection that the leaders of these two huge and very powerful nations are run by boys who would rather partake in a “pissing contest” as to who has the most nuclear bombs instead of creating peace. When excited about how Turgidson’s pilots were maneuvering close to the surface to avoid radar, Bucky jumped almost onto the large circular table in the middle of the room; he ended up with one foot on his chair and the other on the ground and with the camera low and looking up at Bucky, the viewer had an awesome view that portrayed Turgidson as larger than life. Kubrick’s juxtaposition of camera angles and the actions and language of his characters helps mask how outrageously juvenile Turgidson acts.
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As the cause of Bucky Turgidson’s actions, General Jack D. Ripper’s rationale for
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final draft of Final - Patrick Sullivan Dan Chelotti...

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