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Movie Review - old favorites then this movie is for you...

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Patrick J Sullivan English 112 Dan Chelotti 4/26/07 I say James Bond, and then you say “Roger Moore,” or “Pierce Brosnan.” This is not the case. If you can get by the fact that they have replaced the old, cunning, and sly James Bond with a newer, younger, stronger, and more physical James Bond then this movie is for you. It is filled with heart stopping action from the get go and from there its petal to the metal for James with a couple twists to throw the movie-goer off. The new James Bond film Casino Royale is loaded with the stuff guys want. Casino Royale is loaded with tons of action, beautiful women, and some cards to go with it, not to mention a pretty sweet Aston Martin. But this does not make it just a guy film, the ladies won’t complain about having to look at Daniel Craig, a British actor, or the new James Bond. So if you have liked any of the old James Bond films and you don’t mind a new guy taking the place of the
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Unformatted text preview: old favorites then this movie is for you. Casino Royale is a bust. What happened to the likes of the smart, sexy, Bonds of old? It is not Sean Connery, it is not Tim Dalton, and it is not Pierce Brosnan. Who is this Daniel Craig? If you can get past the change in actors, then congratulations because there isn’t many places in the movie where you can say you were surprised. Other than being predictable and dull, the movie is over two and a half hours long. The movie does not even get into the main plot for about forty-five minutes in. Then at the end when you think the bad guys have been defeated, think again, you still have another forty-five minutes of James Bond loving. Is this a new trend? We’ve never seen James in love. That does not happen. If you want to see a movie with a James Bond feel then this is for you but for the true James Bond fan, I wouldn’t recommend Casino Royale as a movie for you....
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