Sociology mid #5 - Patrick Sullivan Writing Prompt#5...

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Patrick Sullivan 11/07/06 Writing Prompt #5 Michael S. Kimmel views “masculinity as a constantly changing collection of meanings that we construct through our relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with our world.”(Ore, 133) Kimmel believes that manhood is a dynamic and defined by history. From historical period to period, man has not always had the same characteristics and qualities or manners. Men from their respective periods are shaped into what it is believed to be masculine or manly. Kimmel uses an example of a landowner and a tradesman in the 1700’s as being the definition of a man. That definition is a man who provides for his family and who is constantly around them to love and aid them in their daily routine. But now in contemporary society, there are many more types of men who cannot fit into one single category or into any at all. With the new idea of marketplace man who is a capitalist that works extremely hard for his money but doesn’t have any time to spend with his family. Because the U.S. has changed into such a hard working
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Sociology mid #5 - Patrick Sullivan Writing Prompt#5...

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