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Questions 1 225 ight records are randomly selected

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Unformatted text preview: f x−µ0 ¯√ ≤ −zα σ/ n x−µ0 ¯√ ≥ zα σ/ n x−µ0 ¯√ σ/ n ≥ zα 2 where x is the sample mean, µ0 is the true value of µ and α is the level of significance. ¯ Questions 1. 225 flight records are randomly selected, giving a sample mean of 11.6 unoccupied seats. Given that the population standard deviation of unoccupied seats in a flight is σ = 4.1 seats, estimate a 95% confidence interval for the population mean. 2. A company wants to estimate the 99% confidence interval for the lifetime of inkjet printer heads produced. The lifetime of an inkjet printer head (in millions of characters printe...
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