Tutorial 8

Tutorial 8

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Unformatted text preview: e the level of significance. (There are z and z2 in p0 (1 p0 ) / n the following table because the central limit theorem is applied.) Test H0 H1 Lefttailed p p0 or p p0 p p0 Righttailed p p0 or p p0 p p 0 Twotailed p p0 Reject H0 if and only if p p0 2 p p0 ˆ z p0 (1 p0 ) / n p p0 ˆ z p0 (1 p0 ) / n p p0 ˆ p0 (1 p0 ) / n z2 Questions I. Inference about a Population Mean when variance is known 1. A car has an average fuel consumption of 33 mpg (with σ = 5.7). We took the new model of the car out for 35 tests and collected the following data, x = 34.8 mpg. Does this new model have better fuel consumption than the original ¯ one? Assume the new model has the same σ , do a hypothesis test at 5% significance level. 2. A manufacturer has produced a large batch of fan-belts. From past experience he knows that his machine capability is σ = 0.7 cm which represents the standard deviation of fan-belt lengths in any large batch produced. To estimate the mean length (µ cm) of the batch, the manufacturer randomly selected 20 items and obtained these measurements (in cm): 52.5, 53.0, 52.3, 52.4, 52.7, 51.7, 52.1, 52.8, 53.1, 54.0, 52.9, 52.3, 51.6, 52.7, 52.6, 53.0, 52.3, 52.1, 51.7, 53.0 (a) Determine a 90% confidence interval for µ. (b) Test the null hypothesis H0 : µ = 52.0 versus the alternative H0 : µ ...
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