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At equilibrium the beaker contains 45 g io3 calculate

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Unformatted text preview: um [reactants]- x [products]+2x [products]2 K= [reactants] ([products] + 2x) 2 K= [reactants] − x Consider the following reac-on: HIO3(aq) ⇌ H+ (aq) + IO3- (aq) A solu-on of 50 g HIO3 in 150 mL is prepared at a given temperature. At equilibrium, the beaker contains 4.5 g IO3 - . Calculate the equilibrium constant (Kc) for the reac-on at this temperature. 5 Steps for solving equilibrium problems • Set up the ICE chart and the equilibrium constant expression • Use Q to determine the direc:on of the reac:on • Determine the change in concentra:on for one compound in the reac:on (either a numerical value if possible or a variable (x)) • Calculate the change for the remaining compounds in the reac:on using stoichiometry • Plug the eq...
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