Chem 14.6-14.7

Forward 10 checking the approxima on and rening as

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Unformatted text preview: Kc = 0.36 A reac,on mixture ini,ally contains 0.100 M NO2 and 0.0100 M N2O4. Find the equilibrium concentra,ons of N2O4 and NO2. • 0 = 4x2 + - 0.76x + 0.0064 • x = 0.1811 or 0.00883 • [NO2] = 0.08234 M • [N2O4] = 0.01883 M Approxima:ons to Simplify the Math • when the equilibrium constant is very small, the posi,on of equilibrium favors the reactants • for rela,vely large ini,al concentra,ons of reactants, the reactant concentra,on will not change significantly when it reaches equilibrium – the [R]equilibrium = ([R]ini-al − ax) ≈ [R]ini-al • we are approxima,ng the e...
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