More than 200000 people took gmat test normal scores

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Unformatted text preview: ime reading fancy fonts. More than 200,000 people took GMAT test. Normal scores with mean u 525 and st dev 100. 100 students go through training program to raise GMAT. If the students avg score is xˉ=541.4 perform significance test to determine if program improves scores. P= .0505. When xˉ=541.5 p= .049. based on a α=.05 we reject the p value of .0505 but accept .049. this shows that a change in .1 pts of GMAT can make a statistical difference but such a small increase has little practical importance. Even if a statistical test shows mean value is higher or lower than a specified value, doesn’t tell us real world importance. Ex: if there is significant evidence that the mean price of gas in town is .01 cheaper than price down the road I might drive into town to fill up, however if town is 15miles away, not practically important to make trip to save money....
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