Significant smaller than means simply not likely to

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Unformatted text preview: against Ho. Significant= smaller than α. Means simply not likely to happen by chance. Reject Null if P value smaller than α. Accept Null/ fail to reject null if p value greater than α A significance test and confidence interval will add to 100%. Increase power of significance test: increase significance level α increase sample size, consider a particular alternative farther away from mean of Ho, decrease st dev. Type I Error: reject Ho when Ho is true. Type II: fail to reject Ho when Ho is false. High type II error for Ha means test is not sensitive enough to detect the alternative. Power- probability that a fixed level alpha significance test will reject Ho when a particular alternative value of the parameter is true. 1- Type II error, 1-β. Strongest evidence against null is a small p value. Does the fancy type fonts slow down reading of text on a computer screen? Adults can read 4 P of text in an avg of 22 sec in Times New Roman font. Ask 25 adults to read fancy fo...
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