Suppose reading times are normal with st dev 6 sec is

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Unformatted text preview: nt Gigi and got times. Suppose reading times are Normal with st dev 6 sec. is there good evidence that the mean time for Gigi is greater than 22 seconds? The population of interst is adults who use the font named Gigi. We want to know if the mean reading time is greater than 22 seconds. Ho:u=22 seconds, Ha:u(not=) 22 seconds, where u= mean reading time for font Gigi. Since we know st dev, we can perform a one sample z test. We are not told SRS, therefore we have to assume this sample of adults is representative of the pop of interest. Stated Normality. Independence- must assume these 25 are independent of one another, assume at least 10(25) that read font Gigi. Z= x bar – uo/ st dev/sq root n. z= (27.088-22)/(6/sq root 25)=4.24. P value= . 000011. a mean time of 27.088 would almost never occur if Gigi did not affect the reading time. This is very strong evidence that it takes more time to read text in Gigi. I would reject the null hypothesis, the data suggests is takes more t...
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