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Increaseduseofcoal demphasisonenergyconservation

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Unformatted text preview: coveries Answer: b 5. The most significant aspect of world consumption of energy over the last 40 years has been the ________. a. growth of nuclear power b. expanding use of oil c. increased use of coal d. emphasis on energy conservation e. increase in our fossil fuel reserves Answer: b Note – Answer “d” is only true for the industrialized nations. 6. If you started with $100 in the bank and you had $400 after letting it sit there for 10 years, what would be the annual interest rate you received? a. 2% b. 7% c. 10% d. 15% e. 22% Answer: d 7. Continued use of the fuels most relied upon in developing countries will eventually lead to ________. a. depletion of soil nutrients b. severe thermal pollution of water c. increased oil prices d. depletion of coal reserves in those countries Answer: a 8. If the growth rate of the number of solar collectors is 7% per year, then 1000 units in use in 2010 will grow to _______ units by the year 2040. a. 1200 b. 2000 c. 4000 d. 8000 e. 20,000 Answer: d 9. The Hubbert curve for an energy resource displays what quantity on the y‐axis? a. time b. total production c. yearly production d. amount of fuel left Answer: c 10. The energy source used most in the U.S. is a. oil b. coal c. water d. natural gas e. biomass (wood, corn) Answer: a...
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