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Unformatted text preview: eriod of any medical or other excuse that you may have for your absence. Along with this form, you must submit the following: The original copy of your excuse. No photocopies will be accepted! Any assignments that may have been due for the lab period that you missed. The place for submitting these documents will be the drop box located on the office door of the academic coordinator for the course. For this course the lab coordinator is Dr. Laura Abbott who is located in 1218 SPTH. Any conflicts of a religious nature should be brought to Dr. Abbott by the second week of class. Upon receipt of the above, the academic coordinator will make a decision as to the status of your request and will notify you, via email, of his decision. Possible responses include: 1. Your request is accepted. In this case the academic coordinator will try to schedule you into another lab session occurring later in the week (your class schedule will be checked to make sure that you can attend). If rescheduling is impossible, your scores for any quizzes or other in-class, graded items will pro-rated. You will need to see coordinator to arrange a method whereby you can complete any out-of-class assignments associated with work related to the missed lab – this arrangement must be made within one week of the missed lab. If an assignment was submitted with your request, it will be accepted. 2. Your request is denied because we are not able to corroborate your excuse OR your excuse is considered inadequate. In this case, we will not accept any assignments that were due on the day of the missed lab, you will not be reassigned to a lab occurring later in the week, and you will not be allowed to complete any assignments associated with work related to that lab. 3. Your request is denied because it was not submitted in the correct manner or within the time period described above. Please note: Filing a request for an excused absence does not guarantee that it will be accepted. Excuses for medical appointments, funerals, accidents, and educational conferences are usually accepted - however it is unlikely that more than one excused absence would be granted in a quarter. In other words, if we accept one excuse for a missed lab, it is unlikely that we will accept a second. An absence from your lab means that you miss information we deem critical for earning credit in this course. In cases where a student misses more than two labs, the student will need to withdraw from the course or will receive an incomplete should that student’s completed work be of passing quality. vii Biology 05LA – Fall Quarter 2012 Introduction EXCUSED ABSENCE REQUEST FORM __________________ Today’s Date: Please provide the information requested below. Date and Time received: Student Name: SID#: Email address: Name of TA: Course (circle one) Biol 05LA Biol 05B Lab Day: Date of Missed Lab: Lab Time: 86 Biol 05C _______________ Briefly describe the reason for your absence. If there is a possibility of your being rescheduled and you have a job, please give us your work schedule so that we do not schedule you to a lab time that conflicts with your work. Once you have filled in the above, firmly attach any other materials (such as original copies of excuses and due assignments) to this form and place these documents in the collection box located on the door of the course academic coordinator. viii Biology 05LA – Fall Quarter 2012 Introduction Self-Scheduled Library Exercise: Finding Journal Articles in the Orbach Science Library Library instructional sessions for Biology 5A, have been scheduled during the 3rd – 7th weeks of the quarter – October 16th through November 15th, 2012. Please make sure that you complete the Library Exercise because a portion of your final lab grade depends on your successful completion of this exercise. The purpose of the exercise is to help you learn how to find scholarly articles in a university library. At the university and later in your scientific career, you will find that good research skills in the library are essential for success. The Biology 5A library exercise consists of two parts, which are to be completed in the following order: Part 1. An online tutorial on library research for biology. (You are to do this part on your own. You must complete this tutorial to be admitted into the library session (Part 2)). Part 2. A hands-on session in the Science Library or via Webinar finding journal articles using BIOSIS Database the Scotty catalog. (This part will be done during a scheduled session in the Library or online). Instructions for Part 1 1. Go to the Library Home page and click on Bio5A Tutorial and Sign-up under the Upcoming Workshops section. 2. Click on Bio5A Tutorial, and complete the online tutorial (It will take 20 to 30 minutes to go through the tutorial). You will need to complete this tutorial before you come to the library for Part 2. At the start of the library session, there will be a short quiz on material from this tutorial. Those not passing the quiz will not be admit...
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