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Biology 05LA – Fall Quarter 2012 Introduction i Prologue This is the first installment of the Biology 05LA LAB MANUAL. While this document does not contain specific descriptions of lab activities, it does provide a great deal of information that is essential to the student wishing to do well in the course. Your first assignment for the quarter is to print a copy of this information and to read it carefully . Keep in mind that you will be held responsible for any information presented in this document ! Therefore, you should keep a copy available for later reference. The remaining portions of the lab manual, which comprise the individual lab exercises, will be published on the course websites (either 05A or 05LA). You will be expected to have printed a copy of each lab exercise before your lab meeting and to have done the required preparation for that lab as described later in this document. Don’t forget to bring a copy of current the lab exercise to your scheduled lab session. Do not use copies of the Biology 05LA lab manual from previous quarters – serious consequences may result. Table of Contents Item Page # Content 1. Laboratory Schedule ii This lists the dates and times for the different lab activities and also gives the point breakdown for each graded item in the course 2. Introductory Comments iii This provides information about lab preparation, some- thing about the different kinds of labs that will be presented, our expectations about performing and completing the lab exercises, and some commentary about the content and preparation for the lab comprehensive exam. 3. Academic Integrity Statement vi This describes our view of what constitutes academic dishonesty and our policies for dealing with these issues. 4. Lab Absence Protocol vii This describes what you need to do if you miss a lab. 5. Excused Absence Request Form viii This form is to be used if you missed a lab and expect to be excused for this absence. 6. The Library Exercise ix This describes the graded library exercise that is part of the course curriculum. 7. Laboratory Safety xii This describes several important lab safety issues.
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Biology 05LA – Fall Quarter 2012 Introduction ii Laboratory Schedule - Biology 05LA – Fall 2012 Week Dates Lab Topic Graded Item or Item Due Possible Points 1 10/1-10/4 1. Introduction to Microscopy and Practical Microscope Use. 2 10/8-10/11 2. Spectrophotometry & Quantitative Data Analysis. Lab Quiz – lab 1 and preparation for lab 2. 5 3 10/15-10/18 3. Diffusion, Osmosis and the Permeability of Cell membranes. Start Library Exercises 4 10/22-10/25 4. Hypothesis-Based Inquiries & Intro. Writing Clinic and Genetic Analysis Laboratory (Part I) Lab Quiz – labs 2&3 and preparation for lab 4. Note: Please bring your texts to lab for reference.
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