You should retain a second copy of your introduction

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Unformatted text preview: t you are to perform the laboratory exercise*. You should retain a second copy of your introduction for later use. You should also prepare, in advance, all the necessary data tables you will need for the current week’s exercise. This should be done in the lab notebook. *Note: introductions received after 20 minutes past the starting time of your lab session will receive no credit. Also, you must perform the lab exercise to receive credit for its introduction. b) During the lab period, your focus should be on producing the best possible data. This is accomplished by executing the lab protocols exactly as described in this manual and by your TA. If you have any doubt about what is expected of you, please get these doubts clarified before you produce useless and unintelligible data. You should also be very careful to record your results in a retrievable manner so that they can be used to complete your reports. iv Biology 05LA – Fall Quarter 2012 Introduction c) After the lab period, you should prepare the “results and discussion” sections of your reports following the instructions presented in Lab 4 in this manual. The “results and discussion” sections of your reports will be completed in your lab notebooks. For the Enzyme and Fermentation-Respiration labs, you will hand in a copy of the processed data for these labs at the times specified in the lab schedule. You should also make sure that you can adequately respond to every item on the “Learning Goals/Desired Outcomes” lists found at the end of these labs. 3) The tutorial labs. Labs 4 and 7 fall into this category. These labs are intended to complement and underscore the lecture coverage as well as provide some additional experience in this area that should broaden your understanding of the topic. a) Before your lab period, you should review the lecture notes and the text coverage of the subject areas for that day’s lab. You should also carefully read the exercise in the lab manual. For lab 7, you should complete the flow chart for the transformation experiment you will be performing. b) During the lab period, you should participate in a manner comparable to that described for the preceding lab types. c) After the lab period, you should make sure that you can adequately respond to every item on the “Learning Goals/Desired Outcomes” lists found at the end of each lab. For the transformation lab you will need to return to the lab at a time specified by your TA to count your plates and then use these counts to calculate the transformation efficiency for the experiment you performed. We hope that this introduction to your laboratory makes you aware of what is expected of you. Hopefully, we will have convinced you that you need to be an active participant in order to take advantage of the wealth of theoretical and practical information to which you will be exposed over the course of the quarter. v Biology 05LA – Fall Quarter 2012 Introduction Academic Integrity Statement Cheating Of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated. Each student is expected to demonstrate honest individual scholarly achievement in every examination, in every written assignment, and in conducting all laboratory exercises. If you are repeating the course, you must write entirely new lab assignments this quarter. It is not acceptable, and regarded as cheating in this class if you reuse all or parts of lab assignments from previous offerings of this course. It is also considered cheating for first-time students to plagiarize lab reports from the present or earlier course offerings. During the exam and the lab quiz, all notes and books must be closed and placed out of view. Every student located near open notes or books during any part of the exam or quiz will receive zero credit. For the comprehensive exam, students must sit in assigned locations in the exam room, and may be required to show their student ID cards to their TA. Any student involved in any form of cheating could be dismissed from the class, assigned a failing grade, and recommended for disciplinary action. Also, a note concerning the dishonest activity will be added to the vi individual’s student record. Biology 05LA – Fall Quarter 2012 Introduction Lab absence protocol: Laboratory attendance is mandatory. You must go to your assigned lab each week and arrive on time. All assignments are due at the beginning of the lab period, but we will accept assignments that are handed in within the first 20 minutes of your scheduled lab period. Assignments handed in after the first 20 minutes will not be graded. You should always be on time for lab because important information is always presented at the start of each lab. If you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled lab because of illness or some other dire circumstance, you will need to file an “excused absence request form” (found on the next page) and associated materials well before the start of the lab you will miss OR within 24 hours of the end of the p...
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