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42 states 1 b so in 31 states it is literally illegal

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Unformatted text preview: drinking, or the fact that underage people are drinking who don’t know how to do so responsibly? 1. Consider the following statistics from the NIAAA: Now these are statistics for college students ages 18- 24 so not all of them are even drinking underage, but every year, 1,700 of us die, nearly 600,000 of us are injured, almost 80,000 of us are sexually assaulted, and over 400,000 of us have unprotected sex, all due to alcohol abuse. (College 1) III. Now the cause of this problem is not simply that underage people are drinking, but that the government has made it illegal for Americans to learn how to drink responsibly before its to late. A. An article on drinking exceptions found on drinkingage.procon.org, which is a non- profit organization sponsored website that explores both sides of this debate, tells us that there are still 31 states in which it is illegal for a minor to consume alcohol even if it is on private, non- alcohol selling property, with parental consent. (42 States 1) B. So in 31 states, it is literally illegal for parents to try and teach their children how to drink responsibly before they turn 21, so its no wonder we have so many problems with abuse. (42 States 1) C. But now consider this fact, the same article also tells us that it is illegal in all but three states for a minor who has been drinking, to report...
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