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speech persuasive full sentence outline

State policy 1 v so i encourage all of you to go to

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Unformatted text preview: a certified alcohol educator, consist of at least 40 hrs. of alcohol 4 education, have a partnership between home and school, have a final exam, and provide accurate unbiased alcohol education. (Education 1) 2. Upon completion of the program, the students will be awarded an alcohol license that works like a drivers license and will allow them to have all the privileges to buy, possess, and consume alcohol legally. (Education 1) 3. Now the license will not be able to be obtained if the person has any drinking offenses prior to enlisting in the alcohol education program until they have had a year of no offenses, any license can be immediately suspended if the holder violates any of the states alcohol laws, and the license will only work in the state it was obtained unless other states agree to accept it. (License 1) C. Now many of you may be wondering why nothing like this has been tried before, and it actually has by the state of Vermont; in 2006, Vermont presented a bill to its legislature that would allow for a program like this one to be implemented, but it was immediately shut down due to a government restriction that prevents programs like this one from being implemented. (State Policy 1) 1. Current policy states that any state that lowers their drinking age under the age of...
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