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Unformatted text preview: medical need for another minor due to alcohol consumption; so if you have been 3 drinking underage, and so has your friend, and your friend needs an ambulance, you can’t call for help without getting yourself arrested. (42 States 1) 1. Just to put this in perspective, this means that if a girl is at a party and her friend passes out and has alcohol poisoning, she can’t call the police because they will arrest her. 2. So not only has the government made it illegal in most states for parents to teach their kids about drinking responsibly, but they have also made it illegal for us to feel safe and free to call for help when we need it. IV. Now there is the solution to this horrible mess of death, injury, and abuse we find ourselves in today, and it comes from an organization called Choose Responsibility. A. As their website chooseresponsibility.org tells us, these guys have come up with a plan to solve the issue of alcohol abuse and underage drinking in America. B. Choose Responsibility has developed and education and licensing plan for adults ages 18- 20 who wish to have the ability to legally purchase and consume alcohol. (Alcohol 1) 1. They propose that any 18- 20 year old who wants this legal right can take part in an alcohol education program that is very similar to the drivers ed. programs we have today: this program will be taught by...
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