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speech persuasive full sentence outline

Orgeducation license chooseresponsiblityorg 12 april

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Unformatted text preview: 21 must forfeit 10% of their annual federal highway funds. In the case of the Vermont bill, this came to about 17$ million dollars. (State Policy 1) 2. So if the government would just provide a waiver that would allow 5 states to test out the program for a trial period without loosing their highway funds, then this program would become a real thing. 3. Legislation has already been put into place trying to get this program too pass, so it is not at all a far stretch to have a federal legislative bill passed that will waive the highway fund restriction. (State Policy 1) V. So I encourage all of you to go to the choose responsibility website, join their facebook group, and get involved. Write to your senators and government officials and bring this issue to their attention. It is stupid that the one thing preventing us from implementing these...
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