Midterm 3 Review

Linear polarization circular polarization elliptical

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Unformatted text preview: olarization is defined as the direction of the electric field. Linear polarization, circular polarization, elliptical polarization. = cos ∙− = cos ∙− = From Faraday’s Law, the total on one side must equal = cos ∙− must be continuous across the interface or on the other side. The law of reflection sin = sin How polarization effects the reflection and transmission of light at an interface. Consider the case shown to the right, the electric field is perpendicular to the plane of incidence, the continuity ×+× = × also relates the amplitudes + = Ampere’s law requires continuity of ( − cos 1 + − Using =/ − cos cos = = cos 1 cos =/ and cos − = cos ) across the interface, or that Recall =/, = = = , and cos − cos 2 cos + cos + = cos cos cos...
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