Midterm 3 Review

Difference very far angle acb is very small normal

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Unformatted text preview: y far from sources Need to know phase difference Very far: angle ACB is very small normal Path AC and BC are equal Path difference: ∆l = d sin(θ ) If ∆l = 0, λ, 2λ, 3λ, 4λ … - maximum If ∆l = λ/2, 3λ/2, 5λ/2 … - minimum Diffraction: Interference due to an Aperture mλ = d sin(θ ) Or Fourier transform of Aperture function Spatial Coherence Each point on extended source is independent source of light If extended source is small and the slits are far away interference can still occur when, ≫ Beats (interference in time...
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