ref 3 - One thing that made me a little bit uncomfortable...

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Brittney Block Reflection #3 Professor Brouwer Reflection #3 Today, Robert and I went into the computer lab and did his science assignment. Robert was assigned to read from the chapter then answer the questions that coincide with that particular reading. I told him that if he finished fast enough, he could play a typing game. With a game as his motivation he finished his reading in record time and began to answer the questions. Robert is very smart and didn’t need my assistance for any of the questions. After our science adventure, Robert logged onto his computer account and began playing Type to Learn, a program that helps students learn to type. I was very ecstatic when I saw this because in my elementary school we also used Type to Learn. Robert played this until our mentoring session was over.
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Unformatted text preview: One thing that made me a little bit uncomfortable about our mentoring session was when Robert told me what he got in trouble for. I simply asked why he didn’t like his principle and he told me exactly why he didn’t. He was blamed for something that he said he didn’t do; when he told me what that was, I didn’t know what to say. I have never been put into that situation. Although Robert has all this animosity towards his principle, he stated that he cannot be show his angry towards her because, as his elder, he has to respect her. After he said this, I had great respect for Robert. He is only nine years old and he already figured out that in order to get respect you have to give it. In his own way, Robert has secretly inspired me to become a better person....
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ref 3 - One thing that made me a little bit uncomfortable...

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