Week7_MemoryBBchapter7notes - 1 Boldly indicate callsign and dependent measure Three different auditory channels must selectively to one of the sounds

Week7_MemoryBBchapter7notes - 1 Boldly indicate callsign...

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2 Boldly indicate callsign, and dependent measure! Three different auditory channels; must selectively to one of the sounds. Participants are cued to listen to a specific channel (ex. Charlie) before listening. How well can people identify the target words when they have some expectation as to where the sound will be coming from?
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Complex: instruction was if the target goes from the front good. If it comes from the left, you must disengage this target and listen to the right target for the colour and number. In simple condition the sound is 100% likely to come from the front. Unlikely sounds are switching between the two sides in each trial
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