Week8_Personalitychapter10notes - -Final exam one question ahead of time no right or wrong answer 1-Three different personality levels-1 ask people

Week8_Personalitychapter10notes - -Final exam one question...

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1 -Final exam: one question ahead of time, no right or wrong answer
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2 -Three different personality levels -1) ask people about personality and how would you rate yourself and usually have different scales -Personal concerns: depends on what happened to you, looks at context (optimistic/pessimistic and how it changed) -Third level: life narrative: personal stories about how you have understood your past life and how you see (ensure) yourself in the future, its like a script following your life and may show aspects of dispositional traits and genes -Dispositional with normative , Personal with historical -Life narrative: idiosyncratic -If same findings between longitudinal and cross sectional studies then: normative; and if different: historical -Is development continuous or are there discrete stages -How do normative, historical and idiosyncratic tie in with all the topics
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