Week11_WorkLeisurechapter12notes - 1-Continuous vs stages-Beginning of independence-Work=money=independence=personal identity being shaped-Stressful

Week11_WorkLeisurechapter12notes - 1-Continuous vs...

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2 -Continuous vs stages -Beginning of independence -Work=money=independence=personal identity being shaped -Stressful transitions even if options are available -Well suited to job (interest and skill match to job: what you are good at and what you have a passion for) -Interacting with people -Personal growth vs academic growth -One job for the rest of your life vs changes in various jobs
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3 - Many jobs, with progress in the world you don’t know what to expect -Advances in society = how good are you to adapting within them -How important it is to have a job for young adults up until retirement and the expectations with each stage - If you get a job that suits you then you won’t get a job strain
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