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Marketing Cheat Sheet - Revised

5 nd early adopters 2 not a risky as innovators 135

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Unformatted text preview: : groups of associated/similar items PL Breadth: # of product lines PL Depth: # of categories in a product line Category Depth: # of SKU’s in a category - Communication: difference in actual service vs. what is promoted How to reduce Gaps? - Empowering employees, use of technology, provide support P R IC IN G C O N C EP TS BR A N D ELEM EN T Brand Name, Logo, Characters, Slogans, Jingles Brands: Brand Equity/Brand Ownership Strategy/Brand Name Strategy - Facilitate purchasing - Impact market value - Establish loyalty - Are Assets - Reduce marketing costs - Protect from competition Brand Equity: (assets that +/- from the value of the P/S) Brand awareness, perceived value, brand associations, brand loyalty Brand Ownership: Manufacturer brand, Store/Private label, Generic Brand Name: Corporate/Family brand,...
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