Marketing Cheat Sheet - Revised

Generation x 1965 197632 43 debt cynical more spending

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Unformatted text preview: Customer (loyalty), Operational (Supply Chain), Product (Quality) ETH IC S Sharing Information (internally + externally) – KSF, Balance Benefits + Costs – perceived benefit Build Relationships with Customers – Customer Relationship management (CRM) à༎ Loyalty - Identify the Issues - Gather Information & Identify Stakeholders - Brainstorm & Evaluate Alternatives - Choose a course of action Tests: Publicity, Moral Mentor, Admired Observer, Transparency, Person in the Mirror, Golden Rule SU P P LY C H A IN G EN ER A TIO N A L C O H O R TS Raw materialà༎Manufacturerà༎Retailerà༎Consumer Seniors: before 1946/ 63+, complain, need special attention, travel, $ Baby Boomers: 1946- 1964/ 44- 62, youthful, individualistic, leisure H O W D O FIRM S BECO M E V A LU E D R IV EN ? Generation...
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