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Marketing Cheat Sheet - Revised

Individual easy descriptive easy to pronounce brand

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Unformatted text preview: sts Segment Size = # people in segment Adoption % = % in segment likely to adopt the product Purchase Behavior = purchase price * # purchases/customer @ given time Profit Margin = Selling Price – Variable Costs Selling Price Fixed Costs = Fixed Costs (eg. Advertising) 4.Segment Strategies - Mass / Undifferentiated - Concentrated - Differentiated - Micromarketing 5. Perceptual Map: Cost (x- axis) vs. Value (y- axis) Repositioning: change the current position P O SITIO N IN G STA TEM EN T For(target customers) Who(statement of the need or opportunity) The(product name) is a (product category) That(statement of key benefit- compelling reason to buy) Unlike (primary competitive alternative) Our Product (statement of primary difference) P R O D U C T A SSO R TM EN T Assortment: all products offered by a company Product Line...
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