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Why recommend how you will come over any

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Unformatted text preview: & evaluation Rationale, specific, implementable, mutually exclusive Each alternative must be a solution to the problem/opportunity Recommendation (Part of Implementation mark wise) Decision: Which of the above alternatives (marketing strategy) do you recommend? Why? Recommend how you will come over any disadvantages identified Implementation (50%) Marketing Strategy: Overall strategy, target market, positioning Marketing Mix: Product: product classification, lines, mix & PLC Price: strategy, suggested price(s) & mark- up(s) Place: strategy, levels of channel, distribution intensity Promotion: strategy, objectives, advertising, promotion, personal selling, PR, IMC, budgets & rationale Expected Results: Market share, income (operating) statement, timeline - What type of business we are in? - What do we need to do to meet goals + objectives? - Sustainable competitive advantage EX TER N A L FA C TO R S A FF EC TIN G TH E 4P ’S (C D STEP ) Political / Regulatory Competitors Demographics Economic Technology Social / Cultural Trends S EG M EN TA TIO N , T A R G ETIN G , P O SITIO N IN G (O V ER V IEW ) - Segmentation: market segment who responds similarly to ma...
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