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Consumers service standards delivery difference in

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Unformatted text preview: Corporate + PL brand, Individual - Easy, descriptive, easy to pronounce Brand Extension: using same brand for new products being introduced Co- branding: marketing 2/+ brands together, on the same package Brand Licensing: agreement to use someone else’s brand 5 C’s of Pricing: - Company Objectives: profit / sales/competitor/customer orientation + customers, channel members, costs, competition Costs: - Variable Costs: vary with production - Fixed Costs: remain the same regardless of production level Break- even analysis: B- E point = Fixed Costs . Contribution/unit (price- variable) Pricing Strategies: - Cost- Based, Competitor- Based (Premium Pricing), Value- based New Product Pricing: - Price Skimming: sell @ high, slowly skim, BREAKING NEW GROUND...
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