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Marketing Cheat Sheet - Revised

Location retailwholesale online easily accessible by

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Unformatted text preview: rketing - Demographics, psychographics, behavioral, socio- cultural - Targeting: evaluating each segment’s attractiveness - Positioning: defining the 4P’s so that customers have a clear understanding of the Product compared to competitor M A R K ETIN G M IX Product • Product, service, idea • Create products that’s perceived as valuable enough to buy Price • Cost- based: Cost + margin = selling price • Competitive- based: below/above competitor’s price • Value- based: find the perceived value from customers POV Place • Actual location (retail/wholesale) • Online • Easily accessible by target market Promotion • Internet, Personal Selling, TV, Radio, Print, Sample, Coupon, etc. G R O W TH STR A TEG IES Market Penetration: existing mix, focus on existing customers Market Development: existing mix, reach new target segments Product Development: offer new P/S to current target market Diversification: new P/S to a new target market Macro Strategies: (“Excellences”)...
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