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Daniel Yim Dr. Hoagland English 133.033 31 October 2007 Another Kind of Value In modern politics, it has become almost unavoidable to see the buzzword “family values” as part of a conservative politician’s agenda. Yet as inevitable as it is, the term’s niche is not only isolated in politics; other authoritative giants, such as the media and religious groups, also contribute their influence to subliminally mold America’s accepted model of a family. By definition, the popular phrase subjects everyone to become one of the Smiths, cornering the society to follow a “traditional” template: a husband, a wife, and some children. Thankfully due to our morally lax age, our culture has evolved for the better to accept what we could not consider as tolerable five decades ago. However, for what reason do the powerful figures still manage to go against the grain of moral reform and insist on pushing principles of the past into a modern world? Is it right to pressure people into following a social norm that has been rendered obsolete? Though some may claim that they would die for the consistency and purity of America’s oldest family form, others have found solace in redefining and attempting new configurations of more modernized, more open-minded families. While the phrase in question may assume ambiguous meanings after many interpretations, the native context of “family” is derived from a very fundamentally American blueprint. The concept is a notion that is almost directly adapted from the Christian Bible, where both enforce a set of morals that are against homosexuality, polygamy, single parenting, and anything else that breaks the tie between strictly a husband and a wife. Nevertheless, the times Yim 1
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10-31-07DefinitionFinal - Yim 1 Daniel Yim Dr. Hoagland...

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