404 - Non-Functional Requirements: Accessibility,...

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Non-Functional Requirements: Accessibility, asthetics, Reliability, maintainability, performance, aesthetics. due by next frieday, add a link to a new requirements page from your requirements milestone in your roadmap, document requirements on this new page, document acceptance tests here software requirements answers what is the system supposed to do and who is going to use it what is the system to do who are the system user groups business case tells us why project plan tells us when and who architecture tells us how requirements issues are the most commonly cited for project failure Sprint Lars Cost of avoiding /fixing defects increases as project progresses cheapest in requirements development project phases requirements => architecture => design => code => test => deploy => maintain waterfall/linear process model: follow each phase in its entirety before moving on extreme/agile programming follow each phase for a small segment of the program for a small amount of time and move on to the next iteration
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404 - Non-Functional Requirements: Accessibility,...

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